Voice Assistance
for Older Adults

Sarah is an AI-Powered Voice assistant that increases independence and decreases isolation for the aging population.

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  • Voice-first

    Sarah is accessible to all just by using one’s natural voice. Simple.

  • Ubiquitous

    Sarah is available on any Amazon Echo device. Other devices coming soon.

  • Instant Response

    Sarah immediately responds to all requests and queries.

  • Personalized experience

    Sarah maintains personalized and meaningful interactions with each senior.

  • Entertaining

    Sarah is caring, funny, respectful and empathetic.

  • Friendly Conversation

    Sarah can keep up the conversation and be like a friend.

Voice-First Control

Specially adapted technology tuned for the communication style of older adults.

Easy Communication

Hands-free ability to dictate messages at the pace and structure comfortable for older adults.

Research-Backed Voice Interactions

Conversational voice interactions are tested and studied by top academic institutions.

What our users say:

“Our residents are so overjoyed when they use Alexa, you can definitely see the difference in quality of life.”
Queena - Activity Coordinator
"My grandmother loves the technology, it always puts a smile on her face!"
Betty - Caregiver
“The engagement in our activities and events have increased.They are able to keep up own their own tasks with less help!”
Elizabeth - Lifestyles Manager

75% of participants used their smart devices every day.

100% said Alexa made their life easier overall, and felt more closer with family, friends, and community.

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